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Sewage and storm overflows are one of the most common forms of property damages that occur each year in Manhattan. A lot of the projects that we arrive at in NYC have some sort of unknown contaminants present.

Sewage Cleanup And The EPA

EPA suggests that you do not attempt to remove contaminants yourself. You need a experienced company to insure the contamination is contained and removed with out spreading the contaminants and affecting the health of your employees or family. Our scope of work in Manhattan has included Hospitals, Banks, Commercial Towers, Industrial facilities, Casinos, Hotels, Restaurants and Single family homes. Our quick response time in NYC and certified technicians will help to protect and save and salvage your belongings from further damage. We have the right sewage cleanup equipment and variable style dehumidifiers and cooling units on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our qualified sewage cleanup staff of project managers and trained technicians is always on call to drastically minimize your losses and get you back in business.

Things We Address During A Sewage Cleanup

  • Assessment - First we perform a sewage damage assessment by walking through the property with you and create a scope of work for approval.
  • Estimate - Next we will create a detailed sewage damage estimate for cleanup and property reconstruction.
  • Water Extraction - Once the estimate is approved, we will begin our sewage water extraction and remove any wet contents like the carpet, padding, and drywall for salvage or disposal. We will also put the property‚Äôs contents on blocks.
  • Sanitization -Sanitization is next, we will use an antimicrobial substance to protect against any bacterial growth that could lead to dangerous illness.
  • Linens & Clothing - We'll sort, dry clean and launder salvageable clothing, linens and specialty items.
  • Drying - We will then begin drying and dehumidifying the flooded space using air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers. These machines will run for at least 72 hours straight in order to ensure your area is as dry as possible.
  • Hard Furniture - We'll safely clean furniture made from wood, stone, as well as appliance & electronic, which we also perform safety checks on.
  • China & Dinnerware - Our trained professionals will delicately hand clean china, crystal, silver, porcelain, glassware, and utensils.
  • Upholstered Furniture - We'll sanitize and deodorize couches, sofas, ottomans, chairs, rugs and carpets
  • Hard Furniture - We'll safely clean furniture made from wood, stone, as well as appliance & electronic, which we also perform safety checks on.
  • Reconstruction - Finally, we will perform a complete property reconstruction, where we will return your property to its pristine, pre-flooded state.

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